What Is PROOF?

Whenever we talk about PROOF, we’re referring to an acronym that summarizes five key facets of God’s amazing grace. PROOF reminds us of five different ways in which we experience the grace of God at work in our lives.

Planned Grace: Before time began, God mapped out the plan of salvation from first to last. God planned to adopt particular [Read More]

Winners in the PROOF CD and MP3 Giveaway

The winners in the great PROOF giveaway have been selected! They are:

* TheJeffNeal

* EnochThomas

* GuyThink2wice

Congratulations, Jeff, Enoch, and Guy!

If you didn’t win, go ahead and order your copy of PROOF: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace by clicking here.

Not a “Mama Tried” Kind of God

Broken dreams are woven deeply into the fabric of human existence—so deeply that it’s easy for us to assume God’s plans fail, just like ours. In fact, that’s precisely what some theologians have claimed over the past few decades. According to one best-selling book from a Jewish rabbi, God wishes he could make everything right in the world, but [Read More]

PROOF on The Exchange with Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer recently sat down with Daniel Montgomery to discuss the book PROOF. Here’s a portion of their discussion:

ES: Daniel, what was your purpose is writing yet another book on the sovereignty of God? There are a lot of those, you know. What makes yours different?

DM: What makes PROOF different is that we want to take the sovereignty of [Read More]

Who Invented the TULIP?

Chances are, if you’ve ever heard of the “five points of Calvinism,” you heard them first in the form of a flower—a tulip, to be exact. If your earliest awareness of these points was anything like mine, it began with the fallenness of humanity and ended with the security of the believer, with the most difficult doctrine planted stubbornly [Read More]

Window to God’s Glory, a Mirror for His Grace

The following is a portion from an interview with Timothy Paul Jones about PROOF found in the May 2014 issue Towers Magazine, the campus magazine for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

MD: So, proof of what?

TPJ: The focus of PROOF is the unassailable proof of grace that God has provided through the cross of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ, all [Read More]

Where Did the Five Points in PROOF Come From?

Each of the five facets of grace that you’ll find in PROOF—planned grace, resurrecting grace, outrageous grace, overcoming grace, and forever grace—are rooted in the teachings of Scripture. But neither Jesus nor John nor Paul arranged their teachings about grace in these five categories! That didn’t happen until the seventeenth century in a little Dutch town known as Dort.
Defenestration [Read More]